Schedule a Septic Tank Inspection Before Selling Your Home

- Friday, September 16, 2022
Morse Engineering and Construction - Septic System Inspection

Why It’s Best to Schedule a Septic Inspection

It’s common for home buyers to inspect a home before committing to a sale. When problems arise, such as issues with a home’s plumbing and septic system, the buyer may choose to walk away from the sale altogether, which deprives you of time and money.

You may also need to pay for septic repairs for the sale to go through. In either case, it’s best to be fully aware of any problems with your home’s septic system before a sale is in motion, and inspections provide ample information.

What to Expect During the Inspection

Septic inspections have multiple steps:

  • Sewer Line Inspection: The sewer line runs from the plumbing in your house to the septic tank. Along with investigating how indoor plumbing functions, the inspector may also use a sewer line camera to look for damage and blocks in the pipes.
  • Tank Inspection: The tank is where wastewater is distributed. The inspector will most likely open your tank to look for cracks, leaks, and other issues that could impact its function.
  • Leach Field Inspection: The leach field is the area that surrounds the septic tank that helps with processing contaminants out of the wastewater. Inspectors insert a probe into the soil, which provides information on moisture levels.

How to Ensure the Inspection Is a Success

If you take care of your septic system while in the home, you’ll experience fewer issues when it’s time to sell. Regular septic pumping is a crucial aspect of proper maintenance. While pumping schedules depend on how many people live in your home and how often a system is used, once every three years is usually the average.

If you’re planning to sell your home within the next year, and you pumped the system over three years ago, it’s best to schedule a pumping now. In the meantime, only flush toilet paper.

If you’re in need of a septic inspection, contact Morse Engineering and Construction.