Loan options and Tax Credits for Septic System Repair or Replacement

- Friday, July 29, 2022
Morse Engineering and Construction - Failing Septic System

If you don’t have the cash handy to repair or replace the system there is a loan program in Massachusetts participating lenders offer low-interest rates to eligible homeowners through this Massachusetts Housing Program.

Some septic installers will also be paid out of the closing proceeds but, that is part of the negotiation of the real estate agent and usually there is a document that needs to be provided by the attorney as well to secure payment.

Massachusetts Septic Tax Credit

When installing a new system there is a State tax credit The Commonwealth of Massachusetts provides. The amount changes over times and I want this blog to be timeless so, here is the link State of Massachusetts Tax Credit for Septic Systems.

With Title V and septic systems, the size of the system depends on the bedroom count.

For more information on replacing or repairing a septic system, contact Morse Engineering and Construction.