How to Maintain The Septic System during Winter

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 22, 2019
Morse Engineering and Construction Industries - Septic System Construction

1.Home and business owners should pump out their septic system regularly.

Also, it is relevant for home and business owners to adhere to the regular pump out schedule during or before the winter kicks in.

2 If there are trees or any hardwood kind of plants that are on top of the septic system, don't hesitate to remove them.

It is nice to have a garden however; homeowners must ensure that the plants are away from the septic system. The roots of high and hardwood plants are known to be invasive. They could penetrate the system, and then barricade the normal stream of the wastewater treatment procedure.

3 Toilets and drains should not be treated as garbage cans.

Thus, home and business owners should dispose the waste correctly. It is a no-no to dump non-biodegradable materials and greases in the drains and toilets.

4 Whenever they clean the toilet, it is not advisable to use very strong chemicals.

Such chemicals will just kill the resident bacteria in the septic system. If there are no resident bacteria, then wastewater treatment is not possible. Instead, home and business owners could utilize eco-friendly cleaners.

5 Put an excellent layer of mulch on top of the septic system.

This must be done especially if the septic has a busted plant cover and if it is susceptible to freezing.

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