Answers to Common Septic System Questions

- Thursday, March 11, 2021
Morse Engineering and Construction Industries - Septic System Construction Fiskdale, MA

Where is the opening to my Septic Tank?

If it's time to have your septic tank cleaned this is a critical issue! It can get tricky, because the opening is typically buried several feet under the ground! It's no fun digging multiple holes in a yard, hoping to get lucky and hit the septic tank. If you have a septic system, but don't know where the opening is, go through the documents you received when you purchased your home. If you're lucky, the previous owner included a map. If not, can you get a hold of the previous owner? How about calling around to the different septic contractors that maintain systems in your town and try to find the one that serviced your home before you owned it?

How often does my Septic Tank need to be cleaned?

How often you need to clean your septic tank depends on a few factors, like how many people live in your household and how large your septic tank is. The general answer is 1-3 years. Most home owners usually have their septic tank cleaned every two years, this kind of steady, regular maintenance will help keep you trouble free.

Why should I bother cleaning my Septic Tank?

Think of all of the wastewater that is used in your home. You have wastewater from the toilet, and water that goes down the drain from when you cook and clean or even run the garbage disposal. It is full of food and grease and bugs and all of those things you will never (and hope never) to see again. Some of this matter accumulates at the bottom of the tank or gets stuck floating near the top, lessening the capacity of your septic tank and increasing your water bill.

The septic tank is cleaned by pumping all of the sludgy matter out of the tank to be hauled away and disposed of elsewhere.

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