Adding a Septic Tank and Connecting to Existing Sewer Lines

- Friday, May 13, 2022
Morse Engineering and Construction

The simplest way to add to your septic tank while remaining connected to existing sewer lines is to simply add an additional septic tank. This gives your home a larger wastewater capacity, and gives your septic system more time to treat the wastewater before draining.

If you're adding a septic tank, first the correct placement needs to be determined, it should be between your current tank and your drain field (sometimes called a septic field line).

The ground for your new septic tank must be excavated using the dimensions of your septic tank as a guide. An excavator will be used to make an adequately sized hole, taking special care around the outlet of the older septic tank.

A 4-inch pipe will be used to connect the two septic tanks. The pipe will be placed into the inlet hole of your new septic tank before it is lowered into the ground. After your new septic tank has been lowered, the other end of the pipe will be inserted into your old septic tank's outlet hole. The pipe should hang over the two tank interiors by around 2 inches.

The hole around your new septic tank is then refilled with soil. The compactness of your soil will be checked using a vibrancy soil compactor.

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