About Septic Systems

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 13, 2018
Morse Engineering and Construction Industries - Repairing a Septic Tank, Fiskdale, Sturbridge, MA

A septic system is one way of dealing with wastewater after it is flushed down your toilets or washed down your drains. Septic systems, unlike sewer systems, are privately owned and maintained. They’re common in rural areas where municipal sewer systems do not exist.

Septic systems consist of two parts: a septic tank and a leach field. Sewage enters the septic tank from a large pipe running from the house. Once in the tank, the sewage is allowed to separate, with solids settling to the bottom and clearer water rising to the top. That clearer water is eventually sent to the leach field, where the remaining solids are removed and the water reenters the earth.

Pros of Septic Tanks

  • No monthly cost - There are no monthly costs associated with a private septic system, as there are with municipal sewer systems.
  • Better for the environment, some say - Proponents of septic systems argue that they’re better for the environment, although the topic is hotly debated. Septic systems do not contribute to contamination of groundwater caused by aging and leaky sewer lines.

And if they fail, they damage is limited to one area; it’s not catastrophic.

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Source: kompareit.com