5 Ways to Save Money on Septic Repair

- Friday, May 05, 2023
Morse Engineering and Construction

Larger septic tank repair jobs can put a dent in your home maintenance budget. To reduce your costs over time, consider the following strategies:

Clean it: Retain the annual services of a local septic tank cleaning company. Regular cleaning gives your septic pro access to spot potential issues before they develop into big problems, while also eliminating one major cause of septic system failure—the buildup of sewage and scum that overwhelms your system.

Use treatment products: Ask your septic pro about products designed to help the bacteria in your system break down solid waste to stop clogs from occurring. Products such as Rid-X or Green Gobbler can give those bacteria an extra boost so your system operates more efficiently.

Pump it regularly: According to the EPA, you should have your septic tank pumped every three to five years.

Minimize water use: On average, a single-family home uses approximately 70 gallons per person per day. Leaks and inefficient appliances, such as leaky toilets, can waste hundreds of gallons of water. The more wastewater your septic system must process, the more frequently it’ll need inspection, servicing, and repair. Consider installing newer versions of heavy-use appliances, such as high-efficiency toilets and showerheads.

Point Drains Away: Keep your home’s drainage components (roof drains, gutters, etc.) flowing away from the drainfield so it doesn’t flood and slow down the treatment process or cause backups in your home’s plumbing fixtures.

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Source: angi.com