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Septic System Inspection (Title 5 Inspection) - Fiskdale, MA 

The goal of the system inspection is to ensure the proper operation and maintenance of all septic systems. Consequences of a failed septic system range from a simple nuisance including offensive odors and a breeding ground for mosquitoes, to a serious health hazard that exposes humans to microbial pathogens and parasites.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) provides guidance to System Inspectors through the Title 5 Official Inspection Form, which is intended to compile sufficient information to make a determination as to whether or not the system is adequate to protect public health and the environment. If any of the criteria or conditions listed on the inspection form are met, the system is considered to be failing to protect public health or the environment and must be repaired, replaced or upgraded. System Inspectors must use the inspection form to report results of a septic-system inspection to the local Board of Health or MassDEP, within 30 days of completing the inspection.

In Massachusetts, any person who owns or operates a facility that is serviced by an onsite subsurface sewage treatment and disposal system is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the system, including any necessary upgrades required to bring the system into conformance with state and local regulations. MassDEP provides guidance to consumers detailing When septic system inspections are required and When a system inspection is NOT required but for our purposes, a Title 5 Inspection is most commonly required at the time of transfer of title of a facility served by a septic system.

If you are selling your home you can count on MEC’s licensed Title 5 Inspectors to provide an honest and accurate evaluation of your septic system.

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